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You should have never trusted Hollywood.

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hi. i'm shannon. &i'm not good at writing about myself. i like music&photography. music isn't my whole life. though i like it very much. i hate liars&fakes. i adore peter pan. i dance. loud noises scare me. when people copy me, i want to punch them in the face. people need to learn how to think for themselves. it's quite annoying. &i loove making pretty jewelery [:

i like reading;dancing;music;photography;making jewelery;neon colors;rainbows; nighttime;coloring;drawing;painting;going to shows&parties;bracelets; art;peter pan;cute kids;rawring;rain;the sky;stars; stowms;dreaming;eyes;captain planet;hanging out with my friends;scary movies;thinking;books;playing bass;trampolines;amusement parks;lightening;summer;having fun;&

Check out my livejournal Jewelery site;

Electric Jewels is also on Myspace.